1:Eleven Leather: A Second Chance Success Story

Mirakle McGlown: Redemption and Transformation

by Cliff Duvernois

1 Eleven Leather Mirakle McGlown

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The interview features the transformation story of Mirakle McGlown, from facing incarceration to becoming a successful entrepreneur. After receiving a 20-year sentence, McGlown turned to spirituality and leather crafting while in prison for solace and personal growth.

He went on to win clemency after demonstrating a significant change in behavior and a committed resolve to better his life.

Following his release, he created 1-Eleven Leather Goods, a brand crafting unique handmade leather products. The brand was named to represent one love, one power, and one God, embodying the spiritual journey of McGlown and his commitment to positive change. The interview includes a detailed account of his life in prison, crafting as a form of therapy, his faith, and the subsequent establishment of a successful business.


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Defying the Odds: The Inspiring Journey of Mirakle McGlown

Life’s path is never a straight line. And in the case of Mirakle McGlown, it was no different. Recently, we had the pleasure of having Mirakle McGlown, the owner of 1-Eleven Leather Goods, on our show – Total Michigan. His inspiring journey from incarceration to redemption and success is a story that proves when one door closes, another opens.

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Mirakle’s story starts unlike any other. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2007 for various drug conspiracy charges. Two years into his incarceration, Mirakle found solace in a leather crafting class. What began as an escape soon turned into a therapeutic passion for him. Designing handbags and belts ignited a spark inside him. He found immense peace by channeling his energy into this creative outlet.

As time passed, the seed sown in adversity steadily grew into a thriving plant. Mirakle started to redefine his narrative, creating unique leather products. His creations became a symbol of hope and possibility for his family and himself. He managed to connect with his children, despite the physical barriers of prison. His creations became a beacon of positivity for them, reinforcing belief and hope. Despite multiple setbacks, Mirakle’s faith and determination were unwavering.

Chapter 2: Banking on a Second Chance

In what could only be described as a milestone moment, Mirakle was offered clemency by President Obama. This moment was a defining one; a cornerstone in his life that confirmed he was on the right path. Just three days before Obama left office, Mirakle experienced an almost surreal sense of redemption when his clemency was granted. This was an affirmation of his transformed life and a testament to his unwavering faith.

Chapter 3: Leveraging the Second Chance

After his release, Mirakle hit the ground running. Amid the pandemic’s uncertainties, he boldly pursued his passion. He started by ordering basic leather crafting tools and set up a workspace at home. He nurtured his passion into a thriving leather goods business, 1-Eleven Leather Goods. From handbags to belts, each piece was a reflection of his transformation and creative spirit. Determined to share his vision, he enrolled in several programs and classes to refine his craft and business acumen.

Chapter 4: 1:Eleven Leather: The Vision Coming to Life

Today, his creations are adorning the shelves of stores in Michigan. His unique designs, limited edition products, and the raw authenticity behind each piece have garnered a significant customer base. All the hard work, faith, and sheer determination are finally yielding results. From prison to a successful entrepreneur, Mirakle’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

Mirakle’s story underscores that one’s past does not dictate their future. It is a testament that with perseverance, grit, and a positive mindset, we can rewrite our narratives. Whether you are at the pinnacle of success or stuck in life’s crossroads, remember that it’s never too late to mold a brighter future. Notably, his creations offer more than just beauty; they symbolize hope, resilience, and positive transformation.

Check out Mirakle’s captivating leather goods at www.1elevenleather.com and partake in this inspiring narrative of transformation and redemption.