50 years of Mawby Sparkling Wine!

Break open the Mawby bubbly! It's time to celebrate!

by Cliff Duvernois

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Mawby Sparkling turns 50 this year! Happy Birthday! Break out the bubbly! In this episode, Mike Laing, Director of Mawbyness, shares the history behind Mawby Sparkling Wine, how to pick out a good bubbly for your next event, and some of his favorites. You won’t want to miss this!


Mawby’s Website: https://mawby.wine

Toast to the Waves: Celebrating 50 Bubbly Years with Mawby Sparkling Wine outside of Traverse City, Michigan

In the heart of Michigan’s picturesque Traverse City lies a sparkling gem – Mawby Sparkling Wine. With a legacy that spans half a century, this charming winery has been perfecting the art of creating effervescent delights that enchant palates and capture hearts. Let’s dive into the captivating history of Mawby Sparkling Wine, celebrate its 50th anniversary, and explore some of the exquisite sparkling wines it has to offer.

A Sparkling Heritage:

Mawby Sparkling Wine was founded in 1973 by Larry Mawby, a visionary vintner with a passion for crafting exceptional sparkling wines. Inspired by his travels to Champagne, France, Larry envisioned Traverse City’s unique terroir as the perfect canvas to produce world-class bubbly. With unwavering determination, he planted the first vines and began experimenting with traditional Champagne methods, ensuring the wines expressed the true character of the region.

The journey was not without its challenges, but Larry’s commitment to quality and innovation never wavered. Over the years, he honed his craft, refining his techniques, and nurturing relationships with local growers who shared his passion for producing the finest grapes. Today, Mawby Sparkling Wine stands as a testament to Larry’s indomitable spirit and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

50 Bubbly Years:

In 2023, Mawby Sparkling Wine celebrates its 50th anniversary, a milestone that holds significant meaning for the winery and the surrounding community. The anniversary festivities promise to be an unforgettable celebration of both tradition and innovation, paying homage to the past while toasting to an exciting future.

The anniversary serves as an occasion to recognize the winery’s pivotal role in advancing the Michigan wine industry. Mawby Sparkling Wine’s success has inspired other winemakers in the region to explore the potential of sparkling wines, leading to a renaissance of effervescent offerings from Traverse City and beyond.

Effervescent Offerings:

Mawby Sparkling Wine boasts an impressive array of sparkling wines, each artfully crafted to perfection. The winery’s commitment to sustainable practices and local sourcing adds an extra layer of authenticity to each bottle, reflecting the essence of Michigan’s fertile lands and cool climate.

  1. Blanc de Blancs: This classic rendition showcases the elegance of Chardonnay grapes, offering delicate notes of green apple, citrus, and brioche. Its refined effervescence and crisp acidity make it an ideal companion for seafood or light appetizers.
  2. Leelanau Sec: A beloved favorite, this semi-dry cuvée features a blend of white grape varieties, delighting the palate with flavors of ripe pear, honeysuckle, and a hint of apricot. Its versatile character pairs effortlessly with a wide range of dishes, making it a go-to choice for any occasion.
  3. Redd Sparkling: A bold and unique creation, Redd Sparkling showcases the beauty of red grapes, mainly Pinot Noir and Lemberger. Rich, with notes of cherry, raspberry, and a touch of spice, this sparkling red is a delightful surprise that complements hearty fare and artisanal cheeses.
  4. Grace: Grace represents the pinnacle of Mawby’s craftsmanship. This prestige cuvée is a symphony of complexity, blending carefully selected Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Grace embodies the winery’s devotion to creating remarkable sparkling wines that stand among the world’s finest, offering an indulgent taste of luxury and elegance.

A Sea of Bubbles Beckons:

As Mawby Sparkling Wine reaches this extraordinary 50-year milestone, its dedication to crafting captivating bubbly remains as effervescent as ever. Rooted in tradition and innovation, the winery continues to raise a toast to Michigan’s unique terroir and the ever-changing nuances of its sparkling offerings. So, raise a glass, and immerse yourself in the magic of Mawby Sparkling Wine – an enchanting journey that blends a legacy of excellence with a passion for the future. Here’s to the next fifty years of sparkling delight!