About the SHOW

The Michigan Show That Brings You Inspiring Stories Every Week!

Host, Cliff Duvernois

Hello! My name is Cliff

I never dreamed this show would take me anywhere …

What started as a hobby soon blossomed into something very special.  A way for me to share these incredible stories I have been hearing with the people of Michigan.

And now I’m on a quest to capture all of these inspiring stories.

And bring them to you, Michigander.


This show started as “The Call of Leadership” in 2019

But when I sat down to interview people, I became much more interested in their stories.

How did they achieve their definition of success? What obstacles did they have to overcome? How did they persevere? And what can we learned from this?

The Big Leap

Thanks to a God-thing, doors opened. Starting in 2023, the show made the big leap onto the radio!

My vision to have every Michigander hear this show is taking another step forward.

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