Applied Innovation: Riding the Wave of Rapid Change

Spear Heading Growth with Casey Lowery

by Cliff Duvernois

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In this episode of Total Michigan, host Cliff Duvernois sits down with Casey Lowery, the President of Applied Innovation, a technology company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They discuss the company’s journey from a startup in the copier and printer industry to its explosive growth into a tech giant with a strong presence in various states. As part of a family-run business, Lowery discusses his experiences stepping into different roles within the company and his transition into his current position as President. The discussion provides unique insights into how Applied Innovation maintained its customer-focused ethos while growing and diversifying their services. The company’s unique culture, transition into the IT space, and their approach to customer service are all discussed, revealing a story of perseverance, strategic growth, and the power of a service-centric approach.


Riding the Wave of Change: An Interview With Casey Lowery of Applied Innovation.

Innovation is no stranger to Michigan, a state vibrant with technical advancements and pioneering minds. This message was further reinforced in a recent podcast of Total Michigan where Cliff DuVernois, the show host, had an engaging discussion with Casey Lowery, the President of Applied Innovation.

Entering The Tech World

Casey reminisced about the company’s humble beginnings in Michigan, and its evolution over the last 35 years into a respected technology player. The company was launched under Cliff Duvernois’s father who was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to have control in forging his own path.

Embracing the Journey 

Casey’s journey with Applied Innovation began with a grounding in sales. This experience granted him essential insights about solving customer problems, understanding their requirements, and deciding if their solutions would be a viable fit. Jumping from solving a single customer’s problem to managing an entire company illuminated a new perspective for Casey, transforming his approach to leadership.

The Road to President

An eight-year journey led Casey to the role of President at Applied Innovation. Casey’s progression through different roles at the company, from sales to management, provided him with valuable experience and insights. His transition was a challenge and a leap out of his comfort zone, but a necessary step in his vision to add to the value of the growing family business.

Providing Value Through Innovative Solutions

Applied Innovation’s tech offerings have evolved along with the company. Casey shed light on the company’s shift from more traditional hardware business, like copiers and printers, to embracing the IT landscape. This shift was driven by the need to diversify their services, respond to tech advancements, and stay relevant to customer needs. This expansion into new tech-driven territories also included customer-base areas like Indiana, Florida, and even extending to billion-dollar brands like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, granting Applied Innovation a foothold in other regions and the opportunity to extend its reach even further.

Staying True to Core Foundations

Despite his fresh presidency and the vision for Applied Innovation that comes with it, Casey emphasized the importance of staying true to the company’s foundations. The principles of providing excellent customer service and satisfactory customer relationships remain unchanged. Casey believes that consistency in delivering high-quality service solidifies the company’s reputation and plays a crucial part in ensuring its sustainability.

The Innovation Approach 

The shift from a hardware-focused service to a tech-oriented solution provider exhibits Applied Innovation’s versatility. Despite the changes and growth the company has experienced, the commitment to providing stellar customer service remains unaltered. The company managed to retain this core even when COVID-19 regulations affected service delivery methods and forced transitions in customer interaction strategies.

As Casey Lowery settles into his new role as President, the future of Applied Innovation seems vibrant with promises of continual growth, sustainable customer relationships, and consistent dedication to innovative tech solutions. With Applied Innovation’s determination to adapt and flex amid changing circumstances in the tech space, more exciting developments are undoubtedly on the horizon.