BeeLovely Botanicals with Jodie Kieliszewski

How a Stay-At-Home Mom Turned a Family Hobby Into a Thriving Online Business

by Cliff Duvernois

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What do we do now?

If the bread-winner in your family ever lost their job, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question. The uncertainty of paying bills and feeding small children can absolutely fray nerves to the breaking point.

Making due with what she had, Jodie created a thriving online business which now employs not only her husband but also her boys. A true family business!

What drew me to Jodie’s story were two points. First was her unrelenting desire that she would remain a stay-at-home mother for her small boys. The second was that she could contribute to the family income even by staying home. She just had to find a way.

And find a way she did.

Over 1,000 4 and 5 star reviews later, BeeLovely Botanicals is thriving.

Two factors that contributed to her success (and there are many of them).

First: using Etsy. If you’re trying to sell product, the best thing you can do is place you products on the platform that your ideal customer is using to find solutions to problems. People who are on Etsy are looking to buy products. Placing it there, rather than relying on Facebook, helped Jodie get her products in front of her customers.

Second: Experimenting. Jodie says that her first products didn’t sell on Etsy. But when she bundled them together, sales exploded. Sometimes taking a product, and combining it with other offers, can make it enticing such that people will now buy it.

Sometimes Adversity is What You Need to Face In Order To Become Successful.

– Zig Ziglar