Cakabakery – Taking a Small Bakery National

And the Cinnamon Rolls are super good!

by Cliff Duvernois

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Cakabakery co-owners Peter Jacob and Jason Kakabaker, co-owners of the Cakabakery, share the backstory of their bakery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, recounting how they started over 12 years ago out of a rented house and have grown the business to include three locations. They discuss their experience on the Food Network’s ‘Cupcake Wars’ and the impact that had on their business.

They shed light on their signature offerings, the Dark Chocolate Merlot cupcake and the award-winning chocolate chunk cookie among others.

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The Cakabakery: A Love Story Of Passion, Taste, and Success in Baking

In the bustling city of Grand Rapids, within the heart of Michigan, lies a culinary jewel known as the Cakabakery. Masters of the art of making your sweet dreams come true, this bakery is making quite the buzz on the national stage.

Meet The Owners

The men behind the extraordinary Cakabakery experience are two talented Michiganders: Peter Jacob and Jason Kakabaker. The two co-owners continually redefine the art of baking and success in the food industry. Both with unique backgrounds and interests, their combined skill sets have resulted in both a powerful business partnership and a creative force in the kitchen.

The Cakabakery Journey

Jason, a native of Portage, Kalamazoo, shares his journey into the art of baking and decorating cakes, which arose unexpectedly during his high school years at a local Baskin Robbins. However, the experience ignited a passion within him that transcended the average part-time job, eventually leading him to explore his talent in homemade cake decorating. What started as side hobby, passionately creating lavish birthday cakes for his three children, evolved into a true calling, inspired by his very last name.

But it was not until Peter urged him to transform this talent into a full-fledged business that Jason’s passion began to take form as a career. With Peter’s eye for design, he helped turn a small operation in their home into a legit business, eventually expanding into three charming locations across Grand Rapids and Holland.

The Sweet Taste of Success

The success of Cakabakery is not solely credited to amazing cupcakes and cookies but also to the authentic and inviting atmosphere that customers experience when they walk in. This warmth partly comes from the behind-the-scenes work, where the team diligently crafts each treat with love and attention to ensure quality in every bite.

However, what truly heightened Cakabakery’s profile was a memorable run on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Jason’s charming authenticity shone through, revealing that the heart of his business was not just the exceptional product, but the connections and enjoyment shared in the process of making and enjoying them.

A Culinary Gem in Michigan

Whether it’s the signature banana cupcake with peanut butter buttercream or Peter’s favorite—the cinnamon roll—every bite you take at the Cakabakery sings of home-baked love and elegance. And don’t miss their award-winning dark chocolate chunk cookies, quarter-pounders of pure joy!

If you’re planning a visit, be sure to check out their Instagram page, Facebook, or website to begin your order or tell them about your custom cake idea for your next event. You can find the Cakabakery at 919 East Fulton, just a mile east of downtown Grand Rapids, or at two convenient locations in Holland.

So the next time your sweet tooth calls, heed it and make Cakabakery your destination. You’ll find a world of baked joy, made by passionate people who’ve turned their love for baking into delicious slices of sweet success!