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Freedom Wand: Stay-At-Home Beats the Odds

Deborah Tacoma is the inventor of the Freedom Wand, a unique device designed to aid the elderly, the disabled, and obesity patients with their personal hygiene. Despite not having any initial experience in business or manufacturing, Deborah bootstrapped her way to create a product that’s improving lives around the world. In this episode, we cover: … Read more

The Wicked Sister in Sault Ste Marie

Cathy Howell is the owner of Wicked Sister in Sault Ste. Marie. Cathy shares her journey and challenges in the restaurant industry. She talks about her experiences starting from being a server to owning a restaurant that has transformed into a beloved local hotspot. The conversation sheds light on her decision-making processes in expanding the … Read more

MSU Federal Credit Union – From Desk Drawer to Billions

MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) is quickly growing. April Clobes, President and CEO of MSU Federal Credit Union, sat down with me to talk about how she climbed the corporate ladder to become the CEO but also how this credit union, which started in a desk drawer over 50 years ago now has hundreds of … Read more

Michigan Chillers with Jonathan Rand

Christopher Todd Wright, aka Jonathan Rand, has delighted readers for decades. His prolific writing style kept readers engaged and craving more, thus resulting in millions of copies of his books sold. Chris lets us peak behind the scenes of what made Michigan’s Thriller Author so successful, his unorthodox and crazy ascent in popularity, and what … Read more

Erebus Haunted House – Michigan’s Largest Haunted House!

Halloween season is here! This means that Erebus Haunted House is just waiting to scare the piddle out of you! Ed and Jim Terebus started their business more or less on a lark. And it quickly grew into Michigan’s top haunted destination. Four stories, over half a mile of scary scariness. Make sure to bring … Read more

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun with Award-Winning Author Maria Dismondy

Anything that gets kids reading deserves an A+. Maria Dismondy decided to roll the dice, leaving behind her secure teaching job for the world of being a writer. And it has paid off for her in spades. Not only selling thousands of copies of her books but also spreading a positive message to over 20,000 … Read more

Yooperman Bar and Grill with Yoopergirl

What makes Yooperman Bar and Grill so special? The story behind it. The family with big hearts. That’s what drew me to seek out the story behind this small establishment, in the middle of nowhere. Detroit Lions Superfan Megan Stefanski (aka Yoopergirl) shares with us the story of how the family’s love for the Detroit … Read more

Climbing the Financial Capital of the World with John Tuttle

John Tuttle, born in Milford Michigan, has climbed to the top of the Financial Capital of the world … the New York Stock Exchange. In this episode, we talk about how he started his career in finance, advice he would give others looking to work in his world, and what he thinks about the future. … Read more

Kewadin Casinos – the Destination for Michigan’s UP

Kewadin Casinos dots the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and employs over 2,000 people. To truly make this a success requires hard work for everyone and that includes the CEO. Allen Cerrige literally started from the ground floor and worked his way up the corporate ladder. Now Kewadin is getting ready to enter a new era … Read more