Craig Goslin – Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club

Craig Goslin, President and Managing Partner of the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club, talks with us about creating a winning team, culture and ego, and what it was like to shut down an entire league due to Covid-19.

Three Key Take-Aways:

  • Everyone is important; everyone is critical to success.  Everyone.
  • Culture is cultivated.  What you cultivate, grows.
  • Mentors are important not only for professional development but personal as well.

Key Topics

[2:23] Key Advice from Mentors

[6:12] Celebrating Everyone’s Successes

[7:50] Ego is a Key Detriment to Success

[11:49] How to Diffuse the Ego Problem

[18:45] What Off-Season Activities Do You Do

[21:25] Shutting Down an Entire League for the Season