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Sean O’Keefe with Mari Vineyards – Making Great Wine

Sean O’Keefe talks to us about what goes into a great bottle of wine. We also discuss some of the history of Michigan Wine and the impact “The Curse of Oak Island” has had on their vineyard. Three Key Takeaways   Key Points of the Interview [5:23] What Grapes Grow in Michigan [24:08] Making Wine … Read more

Leadership Through Service with Jeff Drozdowski

Today’s theme I explore with Jeff Drozdowski is leadership through service.  Jeff’s mission is to help people thrive in adversity and no better topic than the Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 World.  What would be the ideal “New Normal” that we would like to see?  A great episode that you won’t want to miss!   Three … Read more

Travis Mills. Never Give Up. Never Quit.

SSG Travis Mills had a bad day at the office.  His world was turned upside down, literally, when an IED made him a quadruple amputee.  But it would take a lot more than an IED to break this man’s spirit.  His personality, his story is larger than any of us could have imagined.  He wants … Read more

Dave Lorenz – Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Dave Lorenz and his staff at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation put together the success “Pure Michigan” campaign. Hear his amazing story and the idea behind “Pure Michigan”. Key Points: [06:25] When others see something in you and guide you along your path [18:30] Where did the idea of “Pure Michigan” come from? [23:49] Biggest … Read more

Sarah Kile – Michigan 211

Sarah Kile is the Director of Michigan 211; a non-profit service that helps connect people in need with various services through Michigan. 211 services 23 counties and over 1 million people. She talks to us today about leadership through service.

Enjoy Sparkling Wine – Mike Laing, Mawby Sparkling Wines

It’s time for bubbly! Mike Laing from Mawby Sparkling Wines hangs out with us today to talk about his passion for wine, with and without bubbles, and offers us some advice on getting started.  He also talks about what it is like to start your own vineyard. [16:57] Naming Convention for Bubbly [18:39] Advice on … Read more

Making People Laugh with Melissa Hager, The Comedy Series

Melissa Hager from the Comedy Series shares with us her crazy and hilarious journey to bring comedy to Michigan. Her bright, courageous attitude not only serves her well on stage but also helps her confront life’s challenges. A sure-fire episode you won’t want to miss! [13:21] Transitioning into a Comedian [17:46] Launching the Comedy Series … Read more

Frankenmuth School District – Adele Martin, Superintendent

Adele Martin, the Superintendent of the Frankenmuth School District, shares with us her amazing story and invaluable advice on helping set our kids up for success. [6:16] Thoughts on Women Superintendents [12:08] Community Impact on Schools [13:49] Preparing Students for Next Decade [18:03] Philosophy on Learning From Failure [20:34] Advice for Parents on Helping Kids … Read more

Building a Legacy – Dorothy Zehnder and the Bavarian Inn

In this special episode, Dorothy Zehnder of the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn sits down with us to talk about her 70 years of building a family empire. She talks about key pivotal moments in her family’s dynasty, who influences her the most, and what hard work really means. Show Notes: [1:56] Why Buy a Restaurant? [10:17] … Read more