Foundry in port Huron: From Pottery to Puzzles

Artistry Unleashed: Inside Foundry and Hallway Entertainment

by Cliff Duvernois

Foundry Port Huron Carol Brooks

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Carol Brooks is the innovative owner of Foundry and the Hallway Entertainment in Port Huron, Michigan. Carol shares her inspiring journey from a photography and history graduate to becoming an entrepreneur who transformed a struggling art gallery into a vibrant hub for art and entertainment.

With a background deeply rooted in her love for photography and history, and a passion to enliven the Port Huron community, Carol ventured into creating the Hallway Entertainment, featuring escape rooms and game shows. She then took over a former nonprofit art gallery, morphing it into Foundry, a dynamic space offering a wide array of art-based activities like pottery classes, cosmic pottery, painting, splat rooms, and more.

Beyond providing entertainment, Foundry also offers immersive experiences with music, dancing, comedy, and various classes, affirming Carol’s commitment to making Port Huron a lively place for residents and visitors alike. Carol’s story is a testament to the power of creativity, community, and entrepreneurship in reviving and reimagining communal spaces for the betterment of society.


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Exploring the Creativity Hub of Port Huron: Foundry and Hallway Entertainment

Port Huron, a charming town nestled by the beautiful blue waters, is home to a hidden gem that is reshaping the local entertainment scene – Foundry and Hallway Entertainment. In a recent interview with the owner, Carol Brooks, we got an exclusive peek into the creative world she has crafted in the heart of Port Huron.

Unveiling Foundry: A Hub for Art and Entertainment
Foundry, formerly a non-profit art gallery, underwent a transformation during the challenging times of COVID. Carol Brooks, the mastermind behind the vision, integrated her original business, Hallway Entertainment, known for escape rooms and interactive entertainment, into Foundry. The result? A dynamic space where art comes alive, and visitors immerse themselves in a blend of creativity and entertainment.

The Journey of a Creative Entrepreneur
Carol’s journey from a high school world history teacher to a photography enthusiast showcases her innovative spirit. Her decision to pivot from traditional teaching to venturing into the world of escape rooms was a bold leap that paid off. The evolution of escape rooms from mere puzzles to interactive storytelling experiences reflects her knack for creating engaging and dynamic entertainment.

Artistic Adventures at Foundry
The innovative offerings at Foundry extend beyond escape rooms, with pottery classes, cosmic pottery experiences, and the intriguing Splat Room where visitors can unleash their creativity through splashy paint adventures. The Listening Room hosts a diverse range of artistic expressions, from music events to comedy shows, adding a touch of vibrancy to the creative hub.

Sip and Splat: Unique Experiences Await
The introduction of beverages at Foundry, including wine and White Claw for the ‘Sip and Splat’ experience, elevates the artistic journey for visitors. Whether it’s a pottery class, escape room challenge, or a splatter painting session, Foundry offers a perfect blend of creativity and relaxation.

Booking Your Foundry Experience
To be a part of the artistic allure at Foundry and Hallway Entertainment, visitors can explore the various experiences available on the calendar through For private parties or customized events, contacting the team at is the way to go. Those seeking adventurous escape room experiences can head to for a thrilling rendezvous with mystery and puzzles.

Embrace Creativity at Foundry and Hallway Entertainment
Foundry and Hallway Entertainment stand as a testament to Carol Brooks’ passion for fostering creativity and immersive entertainment experiences. Through a fusion of art, entertainment, and community engagement, Foundry has emerged as a cultural hub in Port Huron, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore their artistic side and embark on unforgettable adventures.

In conclusion, Foundry and Hallway Entertainment offer a unique blend of art, entertainment, and creativity, redefining the cultural landscape of Port Huron. Whether indulging in pottery classes, escaping the captivating puzzles of an escape room, or unleashing artistic expressions in the Splat Room, visitors are guaranteed a memorable and enriching experience at this vibrant creative hub.