Freedom Wand: Stay at Home Mom beats the Odds

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

by Cliff Duvernois

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Deborah Tacoma is the inventor of the Freedom Wand, a unique device designed to aid the elderly, the disabled, and obesity patients with their personal hygiene. Despite not having any initial experience in business or manufacturing, Deborah bootstrapped her way to create a product that’s improving lives around the world.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How a back breaking injury inspired a new product
  • Turning lack of experience turned into an advantage
  • How God inspired her to change lives around the world


Freedom Wand Website:

The Birth Of The “Freedom Wand”: A Life-Changer In Hygiene Assistance 

“Ordinary Michiganders are doing some pretty extraordinary things!” This sentiment by Cliff DuVernois, host of Total Michigan, sets the stage for his engaging interview with Deborah Tacoma. Deborah, a mother from Michigan who broke her back in an accident, found herself needing help in the bathroom. To solve her issue, she invented a device that went on to impact thousands of people in Michigan, and across the United States. Deborah introduced the Freedom Wand. 

An Unexpected Journey:

Despite having no experience in engineering or marketing, Deborah was determined to find a solution after her accident left her in a tough predicament. Between a broken back, an inability to bend and twist for four months, obesity, and warm weather conditions, Deborah had trouble in the bathroom in all respects. She found nothing on the market that could assist her with wiping, showering, or applying ointments. So, she took matters into her own hands.

With God’s inspiration, a drawing on a napkin, and the backing of a supportive inventor friend, Deborah came up with a toileting aid like no other. The Freedom Wand can hold multiple items at once, unlike other toilet aids on the market. With a secured small loan and bootstrap personal financing, Deborah began manufacturing her innovation.

The Launch of The Freedom Wand:

Seeing the compiled pieces of her invention, Deborah was ecstatic. She had managed to create something that was not only practical but also durable and multifunctional. The Freedom Wand was not only long enough for an obese patient but even portable enough for various tasks. From holding a disposable shaver, an ointment pad, to a loofah, the Freedom Wand quickly became more than just a toilet aid.

Marketing the Ground-Breaking Product:

When it was time to sell Deborah’s product, occupational therapists were the first port of call. They quickly recognized the immense potential of the Freedom Wand. The primary suppliers of the product embraced it too. Salmon Preston (now known as Patterson Medical) was on board from the onset. As the first people to market the Freedom Wand through their channels, a significant step was taken in making the product available to those who needed it the most.

Life Transforming Stories:

The Freedom Wand quickly became a beacon of hope for thousands. Ordinary Michiganders and many others worldwide who were once confined to their homes due to their physical limitations have now regained their freedom. Whether needing to fulfill their bathroom hygienic needs or perform tasks like shaving or applying medication, patients have expressed immense gratitude for the life-changing impact the Freedom Wand has had.


Deborah’s invention of the Freedom Wand through a personal necessity has now led her to provide an essential tool for anyone struggling with personal hygiene due to physical limitations. She provides hope and freedom to those who need it most, all under the banner of being a proud Michigander – an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. 

If you’d like to know more about the Freedom Wand, visit []. Overall, Deborah’s story serves as a wonderful reminder that sometimes, adversity is just a step towards invention, and ultimately, freedom.