Journey into Thought Processes with Dr. Don Steele

The Science of High Achievement

by Cliff Duvernois

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Want to unlock your potential?  Dr. Don Steele, from the Performance Learning Center, shares his fascinating journey from his early days in Saginaw, transitions through various fields such as education, music, to his current focus on understanding human thought processes and its impact on high-performance. Dr. Steele has worked with world-class performers like the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers, and has authored biographies on successful Michigan natives. 

Things we discuss:

  • Importance of clarity of purpose
  • Driven by Purpose (teleological)
  • Having the Will to Act


Performance Learning Inc:

Unlocking the Magic of Big Achievers with Dr. Don Steele

Unlocking human potential is always an intriguing subject. In this insightful interview with Dr. Don Steele, a psychological coach known for his informative scriptwriting and coaching charisma, we get to delve deep into the dynamics of high achievement.

Discovering a Love for Mentoring

Dr. Don Steele’s passion for understanding human thought processes and behavior was ignited after an unexpected encounter with a psychologist. This encounter later prompted his decision to become a psychologist himself, setting him on a pathway to help others understand themselves better.

Unraveling the intricacies of human behavior took Steele to unexpected places, including working with national football teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. He describes his role as a ‘neck up coach,’ emphasizing not only the physical aspects of professional athletes but more importantly their mental processes.

Connecting Music with Human Behavior

Music and human behavior might sound like an odd combination, but not for Dr. Steele. For him, music has always been a form of expression that satisfies a certain need. Encouraging others to find something they love, something that gives purpose to their life, is what Steele belives is the key to a healthy and meaningful life.

Writing Life Stories: People with the ‘It’ Factor

Dr. Don Steele has written books about ordinary Michiganders doing extraordinary things. From Terry Duperon to John Hall, what these individuals had in common was a clear purpose or goal that drove their teleological nature. Despite different backgrounds and environments, these individuals have seemingly emerged from nowhere to achieve remarkable success.

Steele has a unique perspective on his writing journey. He believes writing about high performers provides a front-row seat of observation and learning. It offers deep insights into how these individuals apply their thought processes for success.

Finding Your ‘It’ Factor

Unlocking one’s potential starts by realizing our teleological nature – we are at our best when we have a clear goal or problem to solve. Steele has diagnosed a common problem among people – they lack clarity on their goals or vision. Getting help, seeking advice from a coach, or even talking to someone who genuinely understands and cares for your interests can be the first step towards defining your goals.

Steele concludes the interview with a reminder for listeners to spend less time on trying to be understood and more time understanding others. Like the attentive listening of singer Willie Nelson, it is important to focus on understanding others more than being understood ourselves. He believes it is how we become better people and achieve extraordinary success in life.