Kids Rule Now with Rhonda Alexia Webb

Teaching Kids How To Become Entrepreneurs

by Cliff Duvernois

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As soon as I heard about Rhonda and what she was doing … I knew I had to interview her.

Public education does a great job of preparing kids to go off to college. Or to perhaps get into the skill trades.

But more and more, we’re seeing kids (and adults) trying their hand at starting their own business. Whether they go all-in and bet their future on it or they start it as a simple side hustle. Take a show like Shark Tank, that turns entrepreneurs into heroes, add to that the accessibility of the world through the internet, it’s hard not to think about doing your own thing.

Rhonda has taken her love of entrepreneurship and created a curriculum to reach kids who feel like square pegs going into round holes. Kids Rule Now teaches kids the basics of product creation, sales, marketing, as well as cashflow management.

Update: Kids Rule Now Works With SVSU