Mustard Seed: Transforming Lives from Homelessness to Hope

Breaking Chains of Homelessness; Uplifting Lives

by Cliff Duvernois

Mustard Seed with Amy Bartel-Roe

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Mustard Seed founder, Leona Sullivan, and Amy Bartels Roe, the executive director of Mustard Seed Shelter, a resource for women and children experiencing homelessness. Based in Saginaw, Mustard Seed provides a supportive environment for guests to rebuild their lives, offering help with life skills, housing assistance, and opportunities for healing from traumas and substance misuse. The shelter operates under the principle of ‘radical hospitality’, ensuring every guest receives new belongings and is treated with dignity.

Amy and Leona also discuss some upcoming fundraising events.


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Mustard Seed: A Beacon of Hope for Vulnerable Women in Michigan

In the heart of Michigan, the city of Saginaw is home to an incredible organization: The Mustard Seed. This remarkable shelter is touching the lives of countless women and families each year. This is no regular shelter; it’s a sanctuary that provides love, care, and hope to women suffering from homelessness, abuse and other forms of adversity.

Understanding The Mustard Seed:

Housed in a beautiful and serene environment, they focus solely on providing housing for women and children facing homelessness. With a distinct approach that centers on the individual needs of their guests, the Mustard Seed has carved a niche for itself amongst other shelters.

The idea behind this establishment dates back to 1995, when Leona Sullivan felt a deep calling to live with those marginalized by society. Fueled by this calling and a desire to initiate change, she decided to start The Mustard Seed. Today, the shelter is not only a safe haven for those needing refuge, but also a hub that promotes recovery, healing, and empowerment.

The Unique Approach:

Their distinctive approach lies in ‘radical hospitality’. The shelter not only offers guests a warm and beautiful environment, but it also ensures everyone gets brand new items such as towels, pillows and pillowcases – a central part of their ethos that dignity and humanity should be at the forefront of relief efforts.

The focus isn’t just on short-term housing. From the moment they walk through the front doors, each guest is given guidance and resources to help them plan for their future. The shelter nurtures life skills, promotes education, assists in job resources, and partners with local organizations to provide necessary services.

Building Community and Driving Change:

The staff believe in the power of community and actively engage Saginaw’s local businesses, organizations, and community members in their mission. With fundraisers, concerts, golf outings, and more, the shelter is continually finding innovative ways to secure funding and support for their work.

Embodying Radical Hospitality:

A visit to the Mustard Seed on Cherry Street, Saginaw, is all it takes to see that the organization is exceeding the norm when it comes to hospitality. Once guests enter, they are immersed in an environment that radiates love and warmth, fostering a strong sense of community. It’s more than just a shelter; it’s a journey towards a better, more promising future for every woman and child that walks through its doors.

The Mustard Seed is more than a Beacon of Hope; it’s a testament to the power of compassion and the profound impact it can have on the lives of the less fortunate. Through its exceptional approach to aiding women in need, the Mustard Seed continues to engrave its legacy of hope, healing, and empowerment in the hearts and minds of countless individuals in Saginaw, truly embodying its mission of offering ‘radically’ exceptional hospitality.