Patricia’s Chocolates: Sweet Success

Passion in Every Piece

by Cliff Duvernois

Patricia's Chocolates - Patti & Paul Christopher

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Patti Christopher, the owner of Patricia’s Chocolates in Grand Haven, Michigan. Patti shares her journey from being a school psychologist to becoming a renowned chocolatier. She discusses how she started her business, the importance of using locally sourced ingredients, and the unique characteristics of her artisan European chocolates.

Patti also delves into the educational aspect of her work, training other chefs, and the process of establishing her chocolate shop. Listeners will learn about Patty’s passion for pastries, her transition into chocolate making, and the delightful experience awaiting them at Patricia’s Chocolates.


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Patricia’s Chocolates: Journey from Special Education to Sweet Delight

In the heart of Grand Haven, Michigan, sits a little French chocolate shop that’s more than just a place for sweet treats. It’s a testament to passion, transformation, and dedication. Welcome to Patricia’s Chocolates, owned by Patricia Christopher. Her story is a delightful blend of love for education and a newfound love for chocolate.

The Beginning

Patricia Christopher, or Patti, didn’t start her career in chocolates. For many years, she was a school psychologist in Grand Rapids and Mona Shores. Before that, she taught special education. Her life was dedicated to helping children and adolescents. Yet, around five years before she retired, Patty started to ponder about her life after retirement. She was set to retire at 51 and wasn’t interested in golf. What could she do?

The Dessert Queen

Patti always loved making pastries and desserts. When she went to friends’ homes, she brought dessert. She was known as the “dessert queen.” This passion soon led her to the art of chocolate-making. It began as a hobby but soon evolved into something much more. ### From Hobby to Passion Patty’s culinary journey took her to the French Pastry School in Chicago and later to the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Montreal. There, she honed her skills, learning from top European chefs who visited for short, intense courses.

The Birth of Patricia’s Chocolates

Initially, Patti didn’t want a brick-and-mortar store. She started small, making chocolates in a commercial kitchen she set up at home. It was a community effort to get it approved. Neighbors supported her. Soon, her delicious creations found their way into local shops like Art of the Table in Grand Rapids.

Expansion and The Perfect Location

With demand growing, Patti needed more space and equipment. She decided to open a store in downtown Grand Haven. The shop was built out with the vision of a quaint European chocolate shop. Open for over eight years now, it is a haven for chocolate lovers.

Collaboration with Local Farmers

Patti prides herself on using local ingredients. She sources chestnuts from the Winkle Chestnut Farm, lavender from Lavender Hill Farms, and liqueurs from Black Star Farms. She even uses honey from local beekeeper Dr. Brian Stork. These connections make Patricia’s Chocolates more than just a business; it’s a community effort.

The Chocolate Experience

Visiting Patricia’s Chocolates is an immersion in sensory delight. As you step in, the rich smell of chocolate fills the air. The shop offers a variety of treats, from marshmallows dipped in chocolate to artisan chocolates paired with local wines. Everything is beautifully packaged, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

The Power of Chocolate

Patty sums it up best. Making chocolates is instant happiness. It’s therapy that doesn’t take years but offers immediate joy. Each bite is a burst of flavor, a piece of handcrafted excellence that tells a story of passion and dedication.

Visit Patricia’s Chocolates

To experience this delightful journey yourself, visit Patricia’s Chocolates at 126 Washington Avenue in Grand Haven. You can also explore their offerings online at Patti and her team invite you to come in, savor the aromas, taste the chocolate, and be a part of their sweet journey. It’s a place where happiness is handmade and shared. For more information and updates, check out Patricia’s Chocolates on Facebook and Instagram.