Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue – Abby Engel

How to Care For Your Cats with Abby Engel

by Cliff Duvernois

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Join Abby Engel as she talks about the origins of Pet Angel Adoption and gives great advice on caring for your cute kitties. In this episode, she covers:

  • How to care for a rescue animal
  • How to entertain your cat for hours
  • How to tell if your cat needs a trip to the Vet


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Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue:  This super cat friendly, no-kill cat shelter has been finding cute kitties homes for over 16 years.  Each cat is fixed, vaccinated and microchipped before going to their forever home.  After adoption, Pet Angel offers a wonderful online community to help enrich your new life with your newest family member.  Visit to learn how you can adopt and support this great organization.