Pet Angel Adoption with Abby Engel

Bring families together through the power of story.

by Cliff Duvernois

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I know a lot of non-profits. Pet Angel Adoption caught my eyes because of a rather innovative approach they take to all aspects of their business.

Abby Engel leverages the power of story.

Using TikTok, Abby just shares little videos where the cast is the cats that fill their rescue. Not just pictures but stories. Almost in a sitcom fashion. People overcomplicate when it comes to creating content for social media. But Abby just tells stories. The easiest content to create. And the fastest way to create connections with people.

The use of story extends beyond simple videos. But with her “Cat Resumes” that she creates. The written stories she shares. Introducing the cats, talking about their personalities and most importantly what kind of home would fit them best. Not all cats are created equal.

Between these two approaches, Pet Angel Adoption has seen a significant drop in the number of people returning cats to the rescue.


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