Relationship or religion? A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment

Kathy Albee from Released to Reign

by Cliff Duvernois

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In this interview, Reverend Kathy Albee, the CEO and founder of ‘Released to Reign’, expounds on the relevance of the Bible in today’s world and the essence of Christianity. Reverend Kathy strongly emphasizes that the Bible is not merely a guide for a good life, but is for the children of God seeking to understand His plan and purpose for their lives. The interview also probes into issues such as the Prosperity Gospel or ‘fire insurance’ mindset and urges Christians to base their faith and identity in God’s love rather than their works. Kathy also elucidates her organization’s mission to help Christians grasp their inherited rights as children of God and free themselves from negative mentalities. Moreover, she points out the importance of humility, love, acceptance, security, and significance which manifest through faith.


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Navigating Spirituality: Embracing the Grace Message with Reverend Kathy Albee

Reverend Kathy Albee has been serving as an ordained minister for over four decades, ministering across the United States and internationally. Founder of the Released to Reign ministry based in Saginaw, Michigan, Albee’s mission is to help fellow Christians understand their divine inheritance. In a conversation with Total Michigan’s host, Cliff Duvernois, Albee talks about the relevance of the Bible in today’s world, the pitfalls of the prosperity gospel, and how to find a good church.

Understanding Identity & Grace in Christianity

According to Albee, the Bible isn’t just a book for anyone to vaguely follow. The Bible is specifically for the children of God, offering them a roadmap to understand God’s plans and purpose for their life. Accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior enables us to adopt into the kingdom of God and achieve divine sonship and daughtership.

Yet, Albee acknowledges the difficulty some Christians face when transitioning from traditional and ritualistic religious practices to embracing the grace doctrine which suggests we don’t get to God by our works but through the grace and the sacrificial actions of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The Pitfalls of the Prosperity Gospel

Albee takes issue with the prosperity gospel or the doctrine that only communicates good news, suggesting that it might lead Christians to misconstrue their faith. The belief that servitude to God means nothing negative should ever occur is, according to Albee, misconstrued. Even when the worst happens, the Bible tells us that all things work together for the good in the lives of those who are called and who love God.

Tips for Finding a Good Church

When searching for a good church, Albee advises prospective followers to explore the doctrine of the church. Questions central to the pastor’s belief system can help determine whether the church focuses more on a grace or works doctrine. Close interaction with the pastor, comprehensive worship services that help worshippers feel God’s presence, and robust community outreach programs can also indicate a good church.

Embracing Divine Significance

To Albee, the ultimate measure of our lives’ significance lies in our willingness to be “a yielded vessel that the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father can work through to touch a life, save a life, and change a life”. Using her role as a minister and her organization, Released to Reign, she champions the cause of looking beyond human success and focusing on spiritual growth and understanding.

Navigating spirituality in a modern, fast-paced world can be complex. But, for Reverend Kathy Albee, it essentially boils down to understanding and accepting the grace message, seeing the Bible as a roadmap for believers, and maintaining our divine identity regardless of the trials we face. Through her work, Albee continues to guide fellow Christians on this spiritual journey, using her heart and wisdom to help others grow in faith and grace.