Saginaw Spirit: Hosting the 2024 Memorial Cup

Sagainawesome: Saginaw's Hockey Triumph

by Cliff Duvernois

Saginaw Spirit Craig Goslin

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How did Saginaw win the prestigious 2024 Memorial Cup?

Craig Goslin, President and Managing Partner of the Saginaw Spirit, discusses how Saginaw, Michigan won the bid to host the prestigious Memorial Cup, one of Canada’s top hockey events.

Craig highlights the exhaustive bidding process, the community’s support, and the economic and cultural impact of hosting such an event. With a focus on community involvement and regional cooperation, the discussion reveals how Saginaw and the Great Lakes Bay Region came together to showcase their capabilities on an international stage, supported by significant investments in legacy projects and infrastructure improvements to ensure the event’s success and long-lasting benefits for the area.


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Saginaw Spirit: A Community United by the Memorial Cup

In the heart of Michigan, something extraordinary happens. Saginaw, a place with a spirit as resilient as its name suggests, is on the global stage. It’s not just about hockey. It’s about community, perseverance, and the remarkable transformation of a region. This is the story of the Saginaw Spirit and how they brought the Memorial Cup home, marking a historic moment.

The Bid for Glory
Craig Goslin, the man at the helm of Saginaw Spirit, speaks with fervor about winning the Memorial Cup bid. It’s a pinnacle in Canadian junior hockey, likened to the final four in basketball but on ice. Saginaw’s win is no small feat; it’s the culmination of a community’s heart and soul poured into a bid that faced stiff competition. Goslin describes an exhaustive ordeal, navigating through thick binders of guidelines, investing over $100,000, and rallying every resource to make a compelling case.

A Divine Intervention
Goslin touches on something deeper than strategical prowess—the sense of divine intervention. They see Saginaw’s victory as more than just luck; it’s as if a higher power guided their journey. This sentiment runs through everything they do, from the monumental effort to the day-to-day operations aimed at bringing joy to their fans.

Saginaw’s Transformation
The economic impact of hosting the Memorial Cup can’t be overstated. Predictions place it well above 30 million dollars, but money is only part of the narrative. Legacy projects like the food truck alley and new transportation buses are set to benefit Saginaw long after the final puck drops. Goslin emphasizes that the Memorial Cup will leave lasting landmarks throughout the city, physical manifestations of what can be achieved when a community comes together.

Beyond the Game
The Memorial Cup is more than a tournament; it’s a 10-day celebration of Saginaw’s spirit. From country musicians to local jazz legends, the event promises to be a showcase of what makes the Great Lakes Bay Region unique. Duvernois and Goslin speak with undeniable pride about the fan fest, the international attention, and the journey of the Saginaw Spirit, seen in the behind-the-scenes series “Spirit Rising.”

Goslin’s and Duvernois’s conversation concludes on a note of gratitude and hope. They reflect on the smiles of families leaving games, the potential for future investment in the region, and the universal rallying behind the Saginaw Spirit. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when people believe in their community and work together toward a common goal. Saginaw, in all its glory, has proven itself not just awesome, but “Saginawesome.”

In the end, this story transcends hockey. It’s about a community that refused to be defined by past struggles and instead chose to unite for a cause greater than themselves. The Memorial Cup in Saginaw is more than a game; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to human spirit, and a celebration of what it means to be truly community-driven.