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Our show is open to you having the ability to get your message out. Below are 3 different options you can take advantage of to get your offer out in front of your fellow Michiganders.


Radio is the one of the most cost effective ways to reach thousands of Michiganders. And with our show being played on multiple radio stations, your message will reach many Michiganders.


Podcasting is a fast-growing medium and a great way to reach people. Industry statistics show that podcast listeners engage more with advertisements on podcasts than just about any other platform.


With each episode, our email list is growing! We average an open rate of 35% which is huge! Your ad can be displayed predominantly in our weekly emails to get even more exposure. And emails still out-perform social media nearly 3 to 1.


We’re always looking to partner with amazing Michigan-based businesses looking to increase their brand awareness.

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