Teaching Michigan’s Rich History with Matt VanAcker

Bringing Michigan's Rich History To Life Every Day

by Cliff Duvernois

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Michigan State Capitol Tours Website: http://capitol.michigan.gov/tours


My foot steps into the marble-filled foyer. Around me is this huge expanse filled with people bustling back and forth. In the distance, a tour starts up.

It has been decades since I stepped foot into the Capitol Building, located in Lansing Michigan. My memories of that time all but faded.

I do know that I’m in the new expansion which just opened in 2022.

Ever since I was little, my parents and grandparents spent a lot of time sharing with me not only our family history but the history of the state. As if the two were intertwined into one large story.

As Matt VanAcker takes me around the Capitol, I can’t help but to feel the excitement. The richness of the history that surrounds me. The stories these hallways could tell if only they had voice.

And in a way, they do have voice. Through Matt and his team. They bring Michigan’s rich history alive every day for us to be able to visit. And witness for ourselves.

It was wonderful to revisit this place. And I’m overjoyed that I was able to witness it again.

And a reminder that maybe I shouldn’t take another four decades to return.