The I-500: Snow, Speed, and Michigan with Carri Bradley

Michigan's Biggest Snowmobile Race!

by Cliff Duvernois

I-500 Race!

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In this episode, Cliff Duvernois interviews Carri Bradley, a board member and co-chair of the I-500 snowmobile race in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. They discuss Carri’s involvement with the race, the history and significance of the I-500, the events and activities during race week, and the experience of watching and participating in the race. Carri also talks about the community involvement and volunteers needed for the event.


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Unveiling the I-500: Michigan’s Most Charismatic Snowmobile Race


Today, we take an exhilarating dive into one of Michigan’s most distinguished winter events—the I-500 snowmobile race. In conversation with Carri Bradley, a board member, and the co-chair, we explore this iconic event that captivates snowmobile enthusiasts around the world.

About I-500 and Carri Bradley

Michigan’s wintertime is painted with the thrill and roar of the I-500, a race loved by snowmobilers worldwide. This event has become emblematic of wintertime in Sault Ste. Marie. Carri Bradley, a key organizer of the race, provides an in-depth look at her strong ties to the I-500 and shares how the event has become ingrained in her family history and the community’s fiber.

Having grown up in Soo and later relocating to Marquette, Carri has roots deeply connected with the I-500. Her family’s involvement spans generations, earning her a valuable place in this extraordinary journey. But beyond the glitz and rush of the race, you will find Carri’s career as a social worker equally fascinating. With a keenness for helping people achieve their dreams and fulfill their highest potential, Carri has offered her support in various settings, from hospitals and mental health centers to schools.

The I-500 Experience

The I-500 is more than just a race—it’s a week-long community event filled with excitement and anticipation. Carrying an array of family-oriented programs, the race week kickstarts with a children’s event and culminates in the most exhilarating race in North America. For those looking to bask in the full experience, Carri recommends immersing oneself in the entire week.

During this week, one can expect to enjoy hobby-filled days—from skating around the track on Skate night to meeting race drivers and appreciating their sophisticated sleds. There’s also the anticipation-filled qualifying rounds that lead to the race day, where racers push their limits on the ice-covered mile oval track designed for best traction and thrilling speeds.


Another element that brings I-500 to life is the hundreds of volunteers involved. From track preparation and building repairs to food provisions and apparel sales, there is a wide array of volunteering opportunities. The I-500 family comprises not only staff and volunteers, but also the community that continuously supports the event—therein echoing the essence of Michigan’s spirit of cooperation and unity.

Ready for I-500?

You might be wondering—how can one be a part of this thrilling event? Whether you’re interested in witnessing the race, volunteering, or daring enough to participate, you can always find out more on the I-500 website. Moreover, for those unable to attend, Flow Sports provides live streaming of every exciting moment of the event.


The I-500 snowmobile race isn’t merely an event—it’s a cultural phenomenon, embodying history, passion, cooperation, and the enthralling spirit of Michigan’s winter. Whether you’re a snowmobiling enthusiast or an avid volunteer, there’s an opportunity for everyone to become part of this remarkable journey that rejects the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.