Turning Disability into an Advantage

Using His Gift of Dyslexia to Impact Lives

by Cliff Duvernois

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Imagine you’re a child, growing up in the 1960’s. One day you discover … you can’t ready.

Today we call that Dyslexia. And we can teach people with Dyslexia how to read.

But back in the 1960’s, you were called “Dumb” because you couldn’t read.

Now imagine dropping out of high school. You never really fit in anywhere. No one accepted you.

Yet inspire of this “handicap”, you go on to create a multi-million dollar company, create hundreds of high paying jobs, and found your own school.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to Turn Failures into Gifts
  • Finding Inspiration in the Power of Dreams
  • How to Embrace the Life You Have


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