Welcome! it’s been a long journey

Making the Big Leap

What is your moon shot?

That’s the question I read in an email a lifetime ago.

I belonged to this advanced marketing group. We focused on writing short stories and posting them online for people to read.

Every day, our fearless leader would send an email with a writing prompt.

What is your moonshot? What is a goal that is so big, so audacious that it scares you? You have no idea how you’re even going to complete this goal. But you’ll figure it out as you go. Write about that.”

I’ve always loved writing. I’ve always loved inspiring.

People say all the time, “You should write a book!” Which I’m working on.

So let’s put a number to that. How many people do I want to inspire? What is an audacious goal?

1 Million People.

That sounds obnoxious.

No idea how that would happen. What that would look like.

But it’s rattled around in my head all these years. Because the clock is ticking. We only have so much time.

Not long after that, my marketing coach said, “Cliff, it’s time to launch your podcast.”

Me? Podcasting? You’re crazy. I’m not Larry King! My voice sounds like Charlie Brown!

But when your coach says to do something … you do it.

So I did. That first interviewed, I was scared out of my skull. I had no idea what I was doing. My hands covered in sweat as I pressed the record button. My guest, Scott, looking right at me. Waiting for that first question to pop out of my mouth.

You know what?

I loved it. I loved everything about it.

So I pursued it. Learned from each episode. How can I get 1% better with each try? Focus on that.

I moved back to Michigan in 2019. And my first thought, “Start a podcast.”

Even though I knew the mechanics behind it, it was a rough start. Multiple tragedies befell me over that next year. My transition back to my home state was anything but smooth.

But if anything, it showed me what was truly important. And what mattered. My focus sharpened to a fine point.

Through a series of chance meetings … God opened a door for me.

And now my Michigan-based podcast is making the big leap onto the radio. Not just any radio but the most powerful radio station in Michigan.

I’ve come a long way since I first started. Over the last 6 months, I’ve had to really sharpen my interview skills. To learn new terminology. New software. New equipment.

All of which serves a purpose. To make the quality of my show radio worthy. So that people will enjoy not only the content but the experience.

My moonshot? Impacting those 1 million people?

My podcast reaches a few hundred. With the radio, I’m now reaching a few hundred thousand.

The list of people I need to thank is way too long. It would take me forever. Maybe when I write my book. I can share all the behind-the-scenes of how this happened.

But for now, I’m honored to be on the radio. I’m excited for the privilege to share these amazing stories. I’m grateful for each person who takes the time to listen to these stories.