Yooperman’s Bar and Grill with Yoopergirl

Because Football is Family

by Cliff Duvernois

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What makes Yooperman Bar and Grill so special? Two reasons. The story behind it. The family with big hearts. That’s what drew me to seek out the story behind this small establishment, in the middle of nowhere. Detroit Lions Superfan Megan Stefanski (aka Yoopergirl) shares with us the story of how the family’s love for the Detroit Lions transformed a lonely bar and touched the lives of thousands. And why her book, sub-titled “Football is Family” resonates with so many Super Fan’s.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How the love of the Detroit Lions started a family tradition
  • The power that one Superfan can have on their community
  • Predictions on the Detroit Lions


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Yooperman’s Bar and Grill: A Taste of the UP with a Side of Lions Fandom

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Yooperman’s Bar and Grill stands as a cherished testament to the indomitable spirit of its founder, Donnie Stefanski, known affectionately as “Yooperman.” Donnie’s daughter, Megan Stefanski, lovingly referred to as “Yoopergirl,” carries on the family legacy, and their shared passion for the Detroit Lions remains a vital part of this charming eatery’s identity.

A Warm Welcome to Yooperman’s Bar and Grill

Entering Yooperman’s Bar and Grill, one is immediately enveloped in the inviting ambiance that characterizes the Upper Peninsula. Donnie and Megan Stefanski have succeeded in creating a place where locals and travelers alike can experience the true essence of UP hospitality.

The menu at Yooperman’s reflects the rich culinary heritage of the region. From traditional pasties to fresh-caught fish from nearby lakes, each dish tells a story of the UP’s unique flavors. Donnie’s wife takes pride in sourcing local ingredients, ensuring that every meal is an authentic UP experience.

Donnie’s devotion to his beloved Detroit Lions was legendary. The walls of Yooperman’s Bar and Grill are adorned with Lions memorabilia that reflects his enduring loyalty to the team. His infectious passion for the Lions made him a local legend, and the restaurant became a hub for Lions fans during football season.

In Loving Memory of Yooperman

Donnie’s passing left a void in the hearts of the community, but his legacy lives on through the restaurant he founded. Megan, his daughter, now carries the torch and ensures the family tradition of going to every Lion’s game remains.

Yooperman’s Bar and Grill is not just a restaurant; it’s a living tribute to the Upper Peninsula and the Lions fandom that Donnie Stefanski held so dear. Donnie’s spirit lives on through the dedication of his daughter, Megan, and his wife who ensures that the restaurant remains a place where locals, travelers, and Lions fans from all corners can come together.

Whether you’re a native Yooper, a seasoned traveler, or a Lions fan from afar, a visit to Yooperman’s Bar and Grill is a must. It’s a place where the beauty of the Upper Peninsula meets the passion of Lions fandom, creating an unforgettable and distinctly UP experience for all who enter its doors. Donnie may be gone, but his legacy endures in the warm hospitality and shared love for the Detroit Lions that define Yooperman’s Bar and Grill.